A Guide to AC Repair and Maintenance – House Killer

These are some tips on how you can prolong the life of your cooling unit.

You can perform a lot more AC maintenance if you’re proficient with AC appliances. It’s best to hire an expert even if you’re not comfortable with AC maintenance. Remember, paying a serviceman or woman for maintenance will always be cheaper than paying for repairs or replacements.

The technician will conduct an inspection complete of your AC unit. It starts by unplugging the power supply and ensuring that the electrical components are running properly. Then, they will replace the filter if it is extremely dirty.

The maintenance man will switch on the power to check the blower, as well as other active components for signs of damage or disrepair. Maintenance personnel will inspect all the ducts which will be spread throughout the residence.

Maintenance personnel will examine the outside of the machine. They will also make sure that fans and coils function properly. To find out more, click on the video above.