Different Kinds of Stainless Steel Clamps – Source and Resource

Different types of stainless steel clamps. There will be a discussion possible options in the video “Stainless Steel Saddles and Clamps”.

The hinge clamp will be the very first clamp we’ll talk about. A hinge clamp is designed with a hinge on one side , and a bolt that is on the other. They are useful when you have to enter tight spaces and can be put in place with ease. Because there’s only one bolt is what makes hinge clamps so easy to use.

As a saddle cannot come with a hinge, but is instead fitted with bolts on both end of the clamp.

Plain clamps permit welding to be performed on the clamp. They allow you to utilize clamps in a range options.

In the end, there are numerous alternatives when it comes down to high-quality stainless steel clamps. These are just a few common types but if you go deeper there may be others that aren’t listed. There’s a clamp that will meet each and every requirement.