Follow These Tips When Buying an Engagement Ring – Insurance Magazine

Ring of ement? If so, you will need to see this video prior to watching it. This video goes over the top 10 things to consider before buying an engagement wedding ring.

As 35% of them are spending at least 3 months in search of their perfect ring prior to being engaged. However, 35% do once they’ve reached a conclusion. Below are some tips to keep in mind. First things first, make sure you find a style that suits the finger you are wearing. Take into consideration whether your finger will be able to reach the stone. Longer stones are a better option for those who have longer fingers. An emerald-cut or halo-shaped rings could be the best one for you. Another aspect to take into consideration is whether you’re considering a diamond engagement jewelry piece or other gemstone, for example, sapphire or ruby. There are many options available.

The shape and cut of the stone are also crucial. There are many stone shapes such as an oval, princess, marquise or pear and cushion-shaped stones. A diamond that is well-cut will emit a bright light however stones cut badly will lose that light.