How Comic Books Make You Smarter – Andre Blog

They’re changing the way people perceive and use them. It is now believed that comics can make you smarter. Continue reading to discover how comic books make you better.

Historically in comic books, the pictures were there for the purpose of illustrating what the text was communicating. However, today’s top comic book writers make the relationship between the pictures and words more complicated by shifting the responsibility of narrative back and forth between words and pictures. In one section, the words convey all the important details, while in the next one pictures will have the task of telling the story to convey the most important details.

Parents and teachers are realizing that pictures are a sophisticated method of communicating information making comic books re-gain popularity.

Reading a comic book can aid children in absorbing greater information than lectures or reading textbooks. You can quickly revisit the comic if they are unable to comprehend it. The comic also has illustrations that support their understanding.

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