The Emperors Carpet Then and Now –

. Because of its craftsmanship and historical significance, it is a treasured possession for museums have the ability to exhibit it. It will require a lot of attention to ensure it is in a pristine condition for exhibition. This is one of the best features of this rug. Excellent rug repairs and conservation work is evident in this rug, and this video gives us an look inside the decades of love and care that went into keeping the rug in the same stunning condition as it was when it was first exhibited in the 16th century.

The Emperor’s Carpet is one of the most highly regarded Persian carpets of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, and is employed by the ancient Imperial Court to create a striking display piece. Following the time that several owners, including the Hapsburgs, received the rug from Iran to modern day Iran it was then the MET could acquire the rug. It is in excellent condition despite years of usage and wear. Its intricate design and color tell us that it has always been an important item, even though certain sections are rebuilt using patchwork.