The Invisible Tornado – Rad Center

Tornadoes could be deadly enough. Imagine not seeing the approaching tornado like a vehicle is traveling. A tornado can cover itself with rain in order to deter the tornado from moving toward your. Rain-wrapped tornadoes also refer to those tornadoes. These tornadoes are one of reasons you must get yourself covered if you’re given an advisory. It doesn’t matter if are able to see it or not. It could be too late at the moment you put your eyes on it.

In the video, Hank Schyma is chasing a powerful a potential tornado near Elk City in Oklahoma. The first tornado shown in this video beautiful slim tornado. The tornado spins around an axis, which tilts in the shape of the top of a mountain. The most intriguing tornado you can see in the video. It is almost impossible to spot the following tornado. Hank must be careful when tracking the tornado because it is entirely rain-wrapped. Hank can see the wind changing in direction to help him determine what the exact location of the tornado. It is however too deep in the rain.