You’re Not Alone Over 80% Of Americans Suffer From Back Pain

then a heat pack, relaxing, and performing light exercises.

The causes of high-grade lower back pain and hip discomfort can be caused by strains and sprains, not warming up adequately prior to physical exercise, and lifting heavy items using the back instead of thigh muscles.

Dehydration, muscle fatigue and certain drugs can lead to leg cramps. The leg spasms, back pain, and other muscle spasms may be due to spinal stasis (narrowing of the area surrounding the cord hence putting pressure on the nerves).

The differential diagnosis of chronic back pain is done by listing possible conditions that cause symptoms that are experienced. This is done by collecting preliminary information, doing physical examinations, as well as reviewing the medical history of the patient.

Your physician may recommend you visit a chiropractor based on the signs of back pain. The chiropractor’s offices carry the essential equipment needed to evaluate the condition of your back before suggesting the treatment.

It can happen due to numerous causes. You should seek treatment from a specialist when the pain continues for more than 2 days. urhg7rjgy2.