How Can You Keep Your Online Bookmarks Organized? Three Tips for Using Bookmark Managers

Most of us use bookmarks on our computer while we browse the internet. For me, I like bookmarking cooking recipes and interesting articles related to my work. Otherwise I would have trouble finding these web pages later, even if I remembered more or less what they were about. What happens when you have so many bookmarks that you begin to have trouble locating the ones you want? Most people would then get an online bookmark manager. Here are three things you should know about using these sites.

1. The Benefits

There are a lot of reasons you should consider using a tool to organize bookmarks. Have you ever had a computer crash, or had to reinstall a nonfunctioning program? Storing your bookmarks on a website eliminates the risk of losing them if something happens to your computer or device. Searching for bookmarks is also easier since there are both search functions and tagging systems employed by most websites. Another benefit is sharing. Not only can you view your bookmark, but other people can as well. This might also make it easier for you to find relevant web information about the best recipe or your latest history project.

2. The Main Sites People Use

One of the best known websites is Delicious. Delicious bookmarks are easy to use, and everything works via a tagging system. Users end up creating what is known as a “Folksonomy,” or a type of language where website users understand what specific tags mean even if they don’t necessarily relate to outside world usage. Delicious also makes it easy to follow users via RSS. Bookmarks Google is another popular option, especially for those less concerned or interested in sharing content.

3. How to Make Bookmarks

If you are wondering how to bookmark a page, it’s fairly simple. There is, of course, always the option of simply copy pasting a URL and adding it to your site. Most people, though, prefer to have a single button they can click while using their web browser. Sites like Delicious have “bookmarklets,” which allow you to add any links you come across online. In most cases, you will need to follow the site instructions for installing this add on.

Do you use Delicious or bookmarks Google? Let us know in the comments