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  • Do You Have Questions About Bookmarks, and Do You Need Answers?

    There are many analogies for the internet. Some see it as a web, some see it as a town, and others see it as a library. When it comes to thinking about and managing bookmarks, it is helpful to use this last analogy, and think of the internet as a great big library with endless […]

  • How Can You Keep Your Online Bookmarks Organized? Three Tips for Using Bookmark Managers

    Most of us use bookmarks on our computer while we browse the internet. For me, I like bookmarking cooking recipes and interesting articles related to my work. Otherwise I would have trouble finding these web pages later, even if I remembered more or less what they were about. What happens when you have so many […]

  • Two Ways to Bookmark Your Favorite Pages for Easy Access

    Did you know, according to, the internet will hit 1 billion pages in 2013? That means that there is a huge amount of content that web users will have to wade through on a daily basis to find things they really find interesting. Let’s be honest. The world wide web has a lot to […]

  • Where are my Bookmarks? Four Answers to Common Questions about Bookmarking

    Did you know that the average person saves about 150 bookmarks online? Here are several common questions people have about bookmarking, as well as answers. 1. Where are my bookmarks? When people ask where are my bookmarks, they are usually wondering how to access them through their web browser. Most web browsers have a tab […]

  • A Step by Step Guide to Creating, Accessing and Organizing Chrome Bookmarks

    Bookmarks in Chrome make it possible to chronicle all your favorite web pages in one convenient location. The extensions available in Chrome give you the ability to set aside internet pages you come across while surfing the web. There is no need to memorize long URLs, or search through your sprawling history to find a […]

  • Bookmarks Online are Easy to Use

    Have you ever wanted to know how to bookmark a page? Bookmarks serve a very useful function for online users. They allow people to basically turn down the page corner on web pages so that they can return to them at a later time. Some people bookmark things like recipes they plan to use or […]

  • Something To Go Back To

    For centuries, people have been using bookmarks for books. However, books are now being converted to the internet, along with any and all information available. Now, when people are surfing the web, the purpose of a bookmark has become useful again. People who find a website that they want to mark need delicious bookmarks. Delicious […]

  • The New Bookmark The Kind That Doesn’t Fit Between Two Sheets

    There are a lot of people who ask the question how do you bookmark a page. Bookmarks for books are easy. All you have to do is dogear the page if you do not have a card of some sort handy. Bookmarks in chrome or the bookmarks Google provides are slightly more complicated. One has […]

  • Organize and Share Your Bookmarks Online

    Before the days of online bookmarks, for those internet users who wanted to organize bookmarks, their choices were rather limited. Thus, web users had to find ways to save and organize bookmarks to a removable storage device, haul around their own laptop, or they had to use the old school Microsoft bookmarks. While it was […]

  • Getting The Most From Bookmarks In Chrome

    Are you interested in managing your bookmarks in Chrome without worrying about losing any in the shuffle? There are a lot of ways to make bookmarks that can last much longer than even your own computer, thanks to the cloud services that Google offers. You can sync your account with your browser so that you […]