Organize and Share Your Bookmarks Online

Before the days of online bookmarks, for those internet users who wanted to organize bookmarks, their choices were rather limited. Thus, web users had to find ways to save and organize bookmarks to a removable storage device, haul around their own laptop, or they had to use the old school Microsoft bookmarks. While it was easy for a person to save, sort, access and organize bookmarks using those little yellow folders, they could not be accessed from any other computer. Thus, while one could easily, quickly, and efficiently save and organize bookmarks, because the bookmarks were saved to that specific computer, rather than to a specific online bookmarking database, the bookmarks were stuck there.

As one can imagine, old school bookmarks were mightily inconvenient to those people who relied on their bookmarks to perform basic computer tasks. Of course, during that time, this inconvenience was just a fact of life, and was not considered a convenience at all. However, people today cannot deny how handy it is to be able to work on their home personal computers, save and organize bookmarks at will, and be able to access them from any computer at any location. Today, those who use online bookmark managers such as the bookmarks Google offers have come to take them for granted. Thus, the question is no longer how to make bookmarks, but what can my Google bookmarks do for me? Furthermore, nobody needs to ask where are my bookmarks, because online bookmarks can be quickly found and easily accessed by signing into your online bookmark account. Whether one uses Delicious bookmarks or the bookmarks in Chrome, either of them can be saved, organized, and even shared with colleagues or friends via the most popular social media websites.

While the ability to organize bookmarks has been available for many years, being able to actually access them and share them online has saved hours of inconvenience for professionals and students. As such, people have been able to work more efficiently, which has been to the benefit of everyone. Now that one can save, organize, access, and share their bookmarks entirely online, it makes one wonder what cool new organizational tool will be next to come down the line.