Two Ways to Bookmark Your Favorite Pages for Easy Access

Did you know, according to, the internet will hit 1 billion pages in 2013? That means that there is a huge amount of content that web users will have to wade through on a daily basis to find things they really find interesting. Let’s be honest. The world wide web has a lot to offer, but it seems that, more often than not, the websites we come across are less than amazing. If you want to keep track of those great pages that you stumble upon every so often, using an online bookmark manager can be extremely useful. Here’s how and why to make use of Google bookmarks Chrome-software and Delicious.

Google Bookmarks Chrome-software

Google Chrome is arguably the best web-browser on the market right now. It is fast, it is secure, and it syncs with other Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Blogger. Being able to effectively use bookmarks in Chrome is just icing on the cake. After bookmarking a page, you can find the saved link in your bookmark tab and organize bookmarks based on topic, language, style, and many other factors.

What makes Google bookmarks Chrome-software so useful is that you can sync your bookmarks across different machines. For instance, if you have a home computer, a work computer, and a laptop you use for travel, you can simply log in using your Google information and instantly sync your bookmarks, extensions, and other browser data across each system. It is easy, it is free, and it is extremely convenient.


Social bookmarking sites are becoming increasingly important among the 78.1% of Americans, according to Internet World Stats, that are using the internet each and every day. Delicious bookmarks service lets you save links you find interesting, tag them with appropriate keywords, and then disseminate them among your friends and social groups quickly. Friends and family can then comment on the content you share just like on any other social network. Delicious has recently become even better with the introduction of a mobile application so you can save and share on the go. Like Google bookmarks Chrome-software, you can log into your account anywhere you are and have instant access to your library.

If you are looking for a way to keep track of all the best the internet has to offer, there are far better ways to do so than with Google Chrome or Delicious. One offers all the benefits of Google, with the other offering an improved social, mobile experience. Check them both out today!