Two Ways to Bookmark Your Favorite Sites

Even people who haven’t taken to the trend of social bookmarking probably want to know how to make bookmarks for their own personal use. An example of social bookmarking would be Delicious. Delicious bookmarks are submitted by many different users who have saved URLs from webpages they’ve discovered and want to share. Tags are used to show which bookmarks have similar kinds of content, and you can browse by categories or by associated bookmarks. An online bookmark manager associated with your browser is closer to the old idea of bookmarks for books. You’re simply saving your place on the web within your browser, so you can quickly find your way back later.

Learning how to bookmark a page is easy enough. Most browsers will feature a drop down menu in their main toolbar called “Bookmarks,” or will contain a similar menu under one of the other toolbar headings. Most browsers’ online bookmark manager has the same hotkey mapped for this, too, either Control plus D or Command plus D on Macs. Setting bookmarks in Chrome, for instance, uses those hotkeys, or opens the Bookmark Manager from the “Bookmarks” menu. The online Bookmark Manager allows you to rename, group or delete bookmarks as you like.

But if you’ve decided you want to share your favorite bookmarks with other people, you’ll want to use an online bookmark manager associated with a social bookmarking service like Delicious or StumbleUpon. Try browsing through the bookmarks on either of these sites to get an idea of how bookmarks are grouped, and of which categories interest you. Once you get used to such an online bookmark manager, it’s no great leap to sign up and begin submitting your own discoveries.