Where are my Bookmarks? Four Answers to Common Questions about Bookmarking

Did you know that the average person saves about 150 bookmarks online? Here are several common questions people have about bookmarking, as well as answers.

1. Where are my bookmarks?

When people ask where are my bookmarks, they are usually wondering how to access them through their web browser. Most web browsers have a tab at the top of their page that says Bookmarks, and clicking it will bring you to yours, as well as folders and other storage tools for them if your browser supports it.

2. How do you bookmark a page?

Easy! All you need to do is click on that same tab that says Bookmarks and look for the option to add, or look for the quick click icon for bookmarking. On most web browsers, it looks like a plus sign next to the web url box. Bookmarks in Chrome are represented by a star symbol. If you are using a social bookmarking website, there will be a box you can copy paste urls into for bookmarking purposes.

3. How do you find or organize bookmarks once you have them?

As noted before, many browsers allow you the option of creating folders. On Firefox, for example, there is an option under the Bookmark tab for Organizing Bookmarks. Once you save up dozens or even hundreds of bookmarks, being able to look through them quickly is useful. Social bookmarking sites like Delicious bookmarks, and modern web browsers, usually have a search function that allows you to search for specific terms.

4. What exactly can I use bookmarking for?

Bookmarking helps you remember sites to revisit, since it allows you to store urls and not have to memorize them. Bookmarking can be useful for many people and situations, including students assembling references for research papers they need to write. They can be handy for storing everything from favorite comic updates you would like to revisit, to the perfect cookie recipe you would have trouble ever coming across in a search again.